Worth ★★★½

Worth has some pacing issues and feels a little basic in terms of its storytelling but I still found this to be a rock solid drama. I didn't know anything about the true story beforehand but it still makes for a thoroughly engaging and very powerful watch. I shouldn't be surprised whenever Michael Keaton gives a great performance because of how awesome he is in literally everything but this is seriously one of the best performances of his career and I wish this was getting more attention for his work here alone. Amy Ryan and Stanley Tucci are both great as well and the ending packs a pretty strong punch. A little formulaic but still very good and definitely worth checking out. Kind of surprised Netflix isn't even attempting to promote or give this an awards push by dumping it in the first week of September. Most people haven't even heard of it and any noise it might make this weekend is going to be drowned out by all the premieres at the Fall film festivals.

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