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  • Ant-Man


    Compared to the last few, not as remarkable, but still a lot of fun. And yeah, we can lament for Edgar Wright’s Ant-Man, but it’s not like Peyton Reed is some asshole. Dude did Mr. Show!

    The best (probably) and most inventive stuff is the set pieces: whenever Scott goes small, navigating a giant party, flying through a canyon of computers, trapped in a briefcase as it hurtles from the sky, the final battle on a child’s train set. The…

  • Ikiru


    35mm, the Vista. First time seeing this.

    Not really my type of film, but I liked the first three quarters. And then there’s that last half hour where there’s no plot and it’s people talking about what happened and the themes like that last scene in Psycho but it goes on forever.

    Still, it’s good. I liked that lady’s dance moves. But I hated when that guy kicked the dog. I guess that’s life for you!

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  • Duel


    *extremely John Hammond voice* Welcome... to Evil Truck.

    35mm, the Vista, midnight movie. The longer cut. First time seeing this. Pretty good. Great filmmaking marred by the obvious constraints of being a TV movie and some unfortunate acting.

    Mainly, I just liked how beast-like they made the truck. And the snake lady. I wanna know about her. I hope she got all her snakes back.

  • Avengers: Age of Ultron

    Avengers: Age of Ultron

    Still probably my favorite MCU film. (Probably, but it'll be a few before we get to that one.) Why?

    Everyone who loves a semi-episodic show - you know, the kind of shows that have standalone episodes but also have big arcs, like the X-Files - knows that the monster-of-the-week episodes are the best. Yeah, aliens are cool and all: but what about that flukeman? That redneck family? Peter Boyle?!

    And Age of Ultron is the pinnacle of the MCU's standalone…