Forgetting Sarah Marshall ★★★

I quite like Jason Segel as a leading man; his soft-spoken self-deprecation and general affability make his status as a romantic comedy protagonist believable while still keeping him grounded as a relatable figure (i.e., we like to see him win the girl because he seems like someone we might be friends with, or perhaps a bit like us). The film is largely "soft-spoken" as well: frequent flashbacks are about as cheeky as Nicholas Stoller got with his directorial debut, and even so, their general hilarity has a way of casting the narrative proper in a bit of a melancholy glow, as befitting the breakup storyline and the thusly somber leading man. There might not be a whole lot to it, but for the kind of movie you would watch on a quiet weekend evening with roommates, it's one of the better ones out there.