Her ★★★★★

For years film has attempted to capture raw love and emotion, to create a work of art that used people making a fiction of the realest concept in existence. We did well with Casablanca, came close with Before Sunset and damn near reached it with Lost in Translation, but what Spike Jonze achieves in Her is completely unprecedented. Here we have a movie that does not limit itself to human emotion but separates the concept of love from the constraints of the human mind (as well as could be expected from a human of course) and presents it in the form of Theodore Twombly and Samantha, a man and his operating system, but oh so much more. Though I hesitate to call it the best film of 2013 without having come close to exhausting my watchlist, if last year had another movie that comes close in excellence to Her, it would be a great surprise indeed.

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