Rabbits ★★★

Though it is hardly comedic, Rabbits is clearly a sitcom modeled after the repetitive and inane programs on public television. The laugh track is the most obvious giveaway, though the unmoving camera that turns the room into a sort of stage (the characters are always clearly in our view, perhaps artificially so) helps too. Most cleverly, the dialogue is pointless, with the characters asking mundane questions or spouting non sequiturs; this is a critique of popular television that finds traditional sitcoms to be uninteresting and totally devoid of substance. The surreal elements are certainly striking, but I am not convinced they add much to what is essentially a one-note film.

I will say that the only insert shot of the entire film (or miniseries) might be the most interesting moment, as the telephone is imbued with a sense of mystery and importance not awarded any other character or object in the film. This might also be the most Lynchian moment, if David Foster Wallace (or whoever it was) is correct that Lynch's chief strength lies in the transformation of the mundane into something of horror.