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  • The Art of Self-Defense

    The Art of Self-Defense


    Everyone is constantly acknowledging how arbitrary their own rules are.

  • Tomboy



    Catching up on Celine Sciamma before Portrait of a Lady on Fire...

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  • House



    A haunted house movie where the camera is the evil spirit doing the haunting? That may be a wild take, but it’s a wild movie.

    For much of the movie, ‘House’ plays like the opening titles of a 70’s sitcom. It’s stuffed with obvious formal excesses, from gaudy matte paintings and animated blood to music cues piped in from different genres. The film is hyper-aware of those effects, a meta-level I found essential to its success.

    Early in ‘House,’ we…

  • Wild Rose

    Wild Rose


    Country music is Rose Lynn’s passion and her excuse for everything. She tries to paper over her bad decisions with her love for cowboy boots and square dances.

    I love the specificity of this premise – Glaswegian woman who lives for American country music wants to hit it big in Nashville. It hits some conventional beats midway through, ie. “Will she or won’t she go to her big performance?” Thankfully, ‘Wild Rose’ is anchored by a powerhouse performance from Jessie Buckley, and it has a killer final act.