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  • Mother!



    Mother Nature in a constant struggle with the power of God.

    Darren Aronofsky's "Mother!" is completely overwrought and becomes filled to the brim with ridiculous imagery that largely ends up falling to connect into a singular vision.

    But while this acid arthouse film does not entirely congeal, one has to respect and admire Aronofsky for being so fearless in his creative vision. When has a film like this been released to mainstream audiences in recent memory?

    Love it or hate it, "Mother!" reminds us just how limitless cinema can be.

  • Snatched



    Goldie Hawn is the only reason I'm even giving this two stars.

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  • Wonder Woman

    Wonder Woman


    "Wonder Woman" is not only the best DCEU film so far, it's a fantastic film on its own merits. It hardens back to classic action adventure films.

    Does it drag in spots? Sure. Is the third act a bit too bombastic? Sure.

    However, these are small criticisms in a movie that's largely fantastic. The movie is layered with the harsh truths of this world but also a lovely veil of compassion and love.

    Patty and Gal, thank you for this.


  • Rakka



    More of this, Neil. Less Chappie.