Tenet ★★★½

I think I like it. Yeah, I fuck with this.

Let me first say that I am incredibly stupid. Trying to follow this movie was a chore and it's 100% the editors fault. Jesus Christ! Cut, cut, cut, cut, cut! Stop it! Let me breathe! Let me think, Nolan! Stop being so loud!

Although, I'm not going to bully myself into not re-watching Tenet like a lot of others on here just because I think I'm smarter than Nolan. I'm not, I'm 19 - give me a break. Of course I will watch this again. Pick up new things that I hadn't before because... I am stupid! Do I understand Tenet? No. I just finished it, and it's 4 in the morning.

Really impressive stuff with extras. Everything has already been said about the stunts and the fighting, but the extras really caught my eye. Quite incredible filmmaking that absolutely needs to be given a round of applause.

That first act isn't kind, though! But I appreciate Nolan for actually going there. More studios need to have the same confidence Warner Bros. had with Tenet. Give difficult, different and weird films a chance.

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