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  • Wonder



    Based on the terrific middle-school book (now a series) this film is all kinds of good.
    The performances are all solid, the script is great, it has a good light-hearted tone and lots of funny moments.
    This film feels like a relic from the early 90s when studios would release genuinely sincere films and not have to cut-it with snarky-sarcastic writing and characters. But, it also feels like a relic from that time with it's message. It's not the common…

  • The Florida Project

    The Florida Project


    *Wipes away tears*
    A movie that reminds you of the innocence of being a kid - when, even in the worst situations, your imagination and innocence can take you away to better place.
    The direction and performances are incredibly real, and it plays like a documentary at many points as there are numerous 'non-actors' throughout the film. Willem Dafoe gives such a raw, real performance that you believe he is the owner of this motel and…

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  • Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets

    Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets


    Really fun! This was like a spin-off from The Fifth Element. Not quite as good as that film, but has enough frenetic-action and off-the-wall characters to be a great time at the movies. 
    All that aside, I think we all know who the real breakout star is here... Cara Delevigne's mesmerizing eyebrows...

  • ParaNorman



    I absolutely love this movie. The art style, the music, the characters and the emotional sincerity. This movie always makes me emotional - and that's because of the underlying themes of mental illness and generally feeling like you don't belong. I feel the message of 'it's ok to be afraid- just don't let it change who you are' is powerful, sincere and more important now than ever! All around an amazing, visually stunning film