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  • 78/52



    An interesting look at Psycho and it's most famous scene (the title refers to the amount of shots and set-ups in the famous Janet Leigh shower-scene). However, it was actually much more about the film itself, and the impact it had, than I was anticipating. Granted, there's a lot about the shower-scene - breaking it down, discussing the editing, story-boarding, and the iconic score, but there was a lot of insight into the film itself.
    The usual suspects are all…

  • mother!



    Oh boy... that was... interesting...
    Actually, I did really enjoy this bizarre, modern art film. There's a lot going on in this film, but that's kind of the problem, there's a little too much going on (in terms of symbolism and metaphor) that any sort of clear message is completely muddled by the end.
    It's analogous to the bible, it's about art and the creative process, it's about mother nature and industry, it's a feminist look at the story of…

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  • Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets

    Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets


    Really fun! This was like a spin-off from The Fifth Element. Not quite as good as that film, but has enough frenetic-action and off-the-wall characters to be a great time at the movies. 
    All that aside, I think we all know who the real breakout star is here... Cara Delevigne's mesmerizing eyebrows...

  • ParaNorman



    I absolutely love this movie. The art style, the music, the characters and the emotional sincerity. This movie always makes me emotional - and that's because of the underlying themes of mental illness and generally feeling like you don't belong. I feel the message of 'it's ok to be afraid- just don't let it change who you are' is powerful, sincere and more important now than ever! All around an amazing, visually stunning film