Irreversible ★★★★★

I think it’s really interesting that Irreversible opens with the notion that time destroys everything, because it certainly does. However, time has the power and capacity to heal and mend - not only the physical body and the mind, but the soul. 

is a feature set up on the frameworks of this antithesis. And I feel like the film is inherently misunderstood by a lot of people in that respect. From quite possibly one of the greatest opening sequences to exist in cinema, the spectator is plunged into the kaleidoscopic, subterranean realm of confusion and maelstrom. Cassel is charged, the composition is disorientating — purposely to induce some kind of vertigo — and the narrative world is entirely shaken. As the events of one hellish night odyssey play out, the camerawork becomes increasingly steadier, settled and even in the films most harrowing scene - at a standstill — despite the film playing out in reverse chronological order. There’s a subtle, dominant vision here. 

By the denouement, there is some kind of catharsis and I can’t put it into words just yet, but there are moments of peace.

Irreversible is ultimate in its vision and it demands further viewings, and a lot of thought. Of which, I am more than willing to give it. A truly vital piece of filmmaking. 

I also just wanted to say that Belluci, and pretty much everyone in Irreversible (with special mention to Cassel), is unparalleled.

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