Spencer ★★★★★

Spencer is the most terrifying feature I’ve seen this year - most specifically in its presentation of anxiety and claustrophobia. Sandringham may be prepossessing, vast and expansive — but the innards of its domestic space are constrictive and ensnaring as if there is no air or space to even respire. Diana, choked by the pearls of her derisive husband, just wants to breathe. Yet the confining, borderline belligerent procedure of royalty is inescapable akin to the pheasants hounded into the open for slaying.   

Throughout the whole feature my own hands couldn’t stop sweating and my anxiety kicked into full throttle. 

Utterly entrancing, Spencer is both haunting and deeply empathetic in its form. Give Kristen and Jonny an Oscar already — their creative endeavours are limitless. I still can’t even breathe and feel there is so much more to say.

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