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Man’s best friend. My most anticipated film of the year has finally arrived, and all I can say is Wes, you’ve done it again. Yesterday was the first day Isle of Dogs was shown in Atlanta, and I was able to experience this work of art with my best friend Adam. We watched it in a packed theater with about 200 people or so, and I couldn’t have been happier with the final product. This was one of my favorite concepts that Wes has come up with, and I’m very glad he decided to do stop-motion again. Every single dog in this film is adorable and stoic in some way. The voice cast was about as good as you can possibly get, masterfully mixing both American and Japanese voices into every character. This film is hilarious, and has Wes Anderson written all over it, and the set designs were fantastic. Everyone that watches this will end up finding their favorite dog, and that’s the beauty of Anderson’s characters. The score and small soundtrack were perfect for the film, particularly the drums played throughout. This is a wonderful adventure that definitely lives up to the hype, and this is easily the best film of the year so far.

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