Men in Black ★★★★½

*Rewatch* “You know what the difference is between you and me? I make this look good.” Got to see this comedic masterpiece in 4K today, and this movie has aged extremely well. I’m not the biggest Will Smith fan, I think he’s a tad overrated, but it’s safe to say this is his best film. Not only does this hold up as a comedy, but the Sci-Fi aspects are incredibly impressive, and I’m surprised this hasn’t gotten enough love on Letterboxd. The writing is easily the best part of this film, full of witty, quick, and hilarious quotables scattered throughout. Tommy Lee Jones and Rip Torn ate perfectly cast as Agent K and Zed, and Will Smith is at his peak charm as Agent J. Danny Elfman was a perfect fit to score the film, and this is easily one of his best scores to date. Vincent D’Onofrio’s performance is very underrated in my opinion, and I noticed during this latest watch that they made his face and body increasingly more disgusting with make-up which I found very satisfying to see. This is one of the most quotable movies in my opinion, and I had a blast watching this with my dad. My only issue with the movie is the “love interest” who really isn’t a love interest, but she pretty much is. The script doesn’t give Fiorentino much to work with, and she ends up becoming pretty useless. The special effects hold up and are pretty impressive for 1997, especially the alien designs, along with some awesome practical effects. There is a lot to love with Men in Black, and this is easily one of my favorite comedies and films of the 1990s.

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