The Meg ★★

Underwater cheese. I’m not always for these crazy, bigger-than-life movies, especially with Jason Statham starring in it, but I just couldn’t resist seeing this potential B-movie masterpiece. This could’ve been one of the more entertaining films of the summer, but alas it fell into sloppiness and not the right stupid humor. I didn’t realize that this film was going for a major Chinese market, but it became very clear once subtitles started popping onto the screen with several Chinese characters. I would let this slide if it worked naturally within the film, but I couldn’t resist not thinking that this was extreme pandering to a Chinese market. Regardless, there are a few things to enjoy about this movie. For one, there were several ridiculously-executed events that happened in this film to where I was the only one busting our laughing in my theater. Rainn Wilson is also very good in the movie playing a billionaire asshole jokester, and it’s hard to picture Rainn as a billionaire, but I digress. Statham was fine in the movie, better than what I thought his character would end up being, but he essentially plays the same character that he does in every movie. The rest of the cast I thought was either mediocre at best, or very poor. There was a ton of bad acting, and surprisingly almost none of it came from Statham. The worst aspect of the film is the script by far, with the endless misfires of comedy and very weird editing to where every joke and situation is played out very awkwardly. Even though the film is pretty poor in the end, the look of it was undeniably gorgeous and you can tell a lot of money went into this movie. My favorite scene had to be one towards the end that takes place on a beach where there are many civilians and I thought the scene was executed very well and had some interesting ideas thrown in. There are many callbacks to other shark films, particularly Jaws that were mostly unneeded, but kind of cool when you notice them. There wasn’t enough cheesy moments that I was expecting coming into it, and there were a lot of technical aspects that were very messy. You’ll find something to love about this movie, but overall it’s just another dumb summer blockbuster.

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