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  • Underwater



    I wonder what TJ Millers character meant when he says “they’re pulling me underwater”

  • 1917



    I feel like this film is much like the revenant in the way where the relatively simple story is executed in the most fantastic and breathtaking of ways. This film is through and through riveting from its tense crawl of suspense at the beginning till the adrenaline filled chase it packs by the end. Every frame is beautiful and the film is entirely immersive.

    Roger Deakins sweep off my feet/10

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  • Waves



    Damn this movie takes a lot out of you.

    10/it felt longer than it actually is but other than that it’s breathtaking

  • Honey Boy

    Honey Boy


    While watching honey boy you can clearly feel and experience the healing process that making this film must have been like for Shia Labeouf. This film wasn’t made for an audience or was made for any sort of commercial purpose, it was made purely because it had to be. Honey boy is a story that needed to be told for the healing of one person, and to share in that experience as an audience member becomes nothing short of beautiful.

    10/sorry my review is up it’s own ass, it’s just a very honest story