2001: A Space Odyssey

2001: A Space Odyssey

It was over two years ago I last watched 2001: A Space Odyssey and for me, and it seemed many others it was a turning point in my film watching and making journey. It seemed like one of the first hurdles in a long long race, one of the first but one of the highest, and when hopped over the mind was opened. The boundaries that cinema were contained in shot off in all directions and anything was possible, I was engulfed in confusion, but I liked that, I didn't understand why it provoked my senses in the way it did but I let that unknown consume me. And as you could imagine it held a high place in my list of favourite films.

Over the last two years however, as a haze drifted over my memories, I began to doubt the true impact of my experience. For, as I grew as a filmmaker and a person I began to shed myself of old philosophies I would watch a film with, chiefly among these was: just because a film doesn't make sense, does not mean it's good. This planted an idea in my head that my love for 2001: A Space Odyssey was built upon an immature understanding of film, and that it may not be the artistic triumph that I believed it to be back then. Two years later I am realising a large portion of my love for the film was simply because I didn't understand it, and because it made me sound smart when I said it was my favourite, but thank God I have dropped those old ideas and watched the film with fresh eyes because once again, for completely different reasons it has shot right back up into my favourite films of all time and completely shook me to my very soul.

There are very very few films that I would call art in its highest form, and I can in fact name them on one hand. And by this I mean they are above the conventions of cinema and operate on something much higher, and far bigger than what we can conceive, they transcend thought, and operate purely on feeling and spirit. They reach a core within us in a depth we didn't know existed, this is what I believe arts purpose to truly be, and 2001 has reached it for me. And though I feel like reviewing it's technicalities and giving an interpretation I feel like that would clinically dismantle my experience and altogether ruin it. So I will simply try and convey how I feel in this present moment:

I feel as though as though I've been through the stargate and travelled beyond the infinite, or at least I have been as far as cinema can take you, and it would seem that that's pretty far.

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