Midsommar ★★★★

I didn't know what to expect with Midsommar, but since I have a love for films like the Wicker Man and folk horror I had a feeling I'd like it and it delivered.

A hallucinogenic experience that manages to properly disturb you whilst also completely immersing you. Every damn image in this film is beautiful in its composition and colour pallete and the contrast of that to the events that unfold make it that bit extra disturbing. Everything on a technical level is pristine, the performances were excellent and oh man the score is easily one of my new favourite horror film scores of all time.

The biggest downfall of the film is definitely the story, the writing in terms of the plot isn't the strongest, it sets things up and doesn't really lead them up anywhere or at least on a feasible level (but kinda thematically), there's very little character development but it just gets away with it for me because of how perfect of an atmosphere he managed to create.

Midsommar: 8/10

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