Phantom Thread

Phantom Thread ★★★★½

Truly phenomenal, two breath takingly engaging character arcs told through some of the best acting, direction and filmmaking I've ever seen.

Everything down from the utterly masterful performances to the costume to the cinematography to the music to the colour pallete all work in unison to create one of the most tense character dynamics I've ever seen. As you might imagine Daniel Day-Lewis, isn't Daniel Day-Lewis, he is instead his character, every performance this man has ever given is worthy of an award but honestly, for me the spotlight wasn't on him, it was on Vicky Krieps, she was phenomenal, she could easily make it clear to the audience through one subtle move of the face, the emotion we needed to know to drive the story forward, no dialogue, no body movement, just an eye glance or a slight tilt of the head.

Paul Thomas Anderson obviously played a massive part in this, it's clear he knew exactly what he was going for because as I mentioned earlier every tiny detail was used to enhance the story and make it clear what the characters are feeling at this. The costume was possibly the biggest player in this as it was also a huge component in the story. Changing Almas colour pallete based on her distance between Reynolds, more vibrant and unique if they're close and if they were distant it would become the same shades as the white of the house or the same colours as whatecer the maids were wearing. The tidyness of Reynolds suit I also felt gave an insight to his confidence and mental state at the moment. Such intricate thought poured into this, easily the work of a master.

My only complaint is in the third act, after the film kicked off into it I felt it weaken a little, it wasn't bad by any means, but compared to the rest of the film which would've been a 10/10, the writing ended up bringing it down a little as I felt it got a little lazy. But I loved the rest of it so much I can't bring myself to drop it a full star.

The Phantom Thread: 9.5/10

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