Ritual ★★★★★

Saw this months ago and I guess I refused to log it because the whole thing was still processing slowly in my head. At first glance it could be seen, thematically at least, as an extension of the subject matter explored in Evangelion (the filmmaking has a lot in common with Evangelion’s as well). By the end however, it exists on its own separate plane. I’ve yet to see the rest of his work but goddamn, this has to be him at his most intimate and dangerously optimistic. For someone with such a brutal and defined worldview, Anno remains willing to go into it all head first with no fear at all what he might get out of it. He’s literally written a character that is obviously himself, and used him as kind of a blank slate to learn about as he learns about himself through his experience with others. Anno is critical of the world and human nature, but few are just as fascinated and deeply moved by it as well. Won’t even talk too much about the craft because it is obviously stunning, endlessly inventive with a new style and idea being put to use every five minutes. Occasionally it’ll morph into straight up horror and jesus, it can be quite terrifying (just like the best EVA moments). Anyways yeah, pretty fucking perfect movie. Owe it a rewatch but it’s also a nice one to sit with your memories of.