I, Tonya

I, Tonya

I, Tonya is a massive force or-you want to say powerful, ambitious and carnal. This film ends with another rhetoric question about "what's the truth"-"the truth is out there somewhere but we choose to close and hide ourselves with media manipulation. Or it's a mere sign that we don't have truth anymore?" (Thank you Eileen for the quote, I love you) I, Tonya heavily implied that question using the narrators. From Tonya Harding, herself-to her mom, Jeff, Diane and Shawn. They are the narrators. But we can't trust them. They are unreliable, we said to ourselves. But who can we trust? Which narrative we all can agree upon? Who is the reliable narrator to arbite the truth? Well the answer is,All of us, we, are the judges. We are both the prosecutor and judge. We see the film in a very different prospects from each other. Very different.

I, Tonya is a very flawed movie-and that's the reason why I won't put any stars for it. I don't know how to rate. I just don't know. Now let's jump to the most flawed section from this movie, the treatment of an abuse victim. I actually tried so hard to ignored the child abuse scenes-i tried so hard, but I was so engrossed to it. The emotional manipulation and (emotional) abuse-it felt so real to me. I have been emotionally manipulated a few times-by my own friends and parents. Especially, parents. They use this manipulation over and over again. The emotional manipulation that shaped tonya-no, all of us. We are our own, manipulator. We manipulated and get manipulated. It's a circle that we can't help but keep rolling with. The treatment of abuse in here is so campy and awful-they intended for us to feel sympathetic to Tonya but instead they treat it as a comedic break. They used it as a defense, they used it as its own comedic quirk. AND ITS NOT OKAY Y'ALL, FOR FUCK SAKE. And please don't talk about the cgi, everytime I see the cgi jumpshot I couldn't help but cringed.

Ngl, this movie made me cried. The courtroom scene, phewww.

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