Raising Victor Vargas ★★★★½

SUNDANCE DIRECTORS LABS: 16MM print with director Peter Sollet

Made right around the time George Washington came out, I recognized similarliest in visual style and subject matter from the the first 10 mins, but I was surprised to see it was shot by Tim Orr. In the Q & A Pete talked about David and the NCSA boys. Can never seem to escape the influence of that film. 

But Rasing Victor Vargas is not George Washington. Less concerned with tone and mood, More focused on characters development. Peter focused on the unorthodox family dynamics that are shifting as these kids start step into adolescence. 

I loved the characters, the story, and the way the camera intimately captured it all. 

The movie grew out of his NYU thesis short and the way Peter talked about it, it looks like we worked in a very similar way on ALMA.  

Never considered making ALMA a feature until seeing this film.