Fantastic Mr. Fox

Fantastic Mr. Fox ★★★★★

Favorite animated movie of all time period. No question about it. Their are so many layers to this movie beyond the surface that are shown in such a beautiful way. We’re not presented with regular looking animals, we are shown animals as if in human form to give off the idea of using a funny disguise to cover up how you feel inside which is pretty much the whole idea of Mr. Fox himself. He uses humor and one liners to cover up failure or fears in his life. Mr. Fox is in a sense the most relatable fictional animated character out their today one of the reasons being because of the way he noticeably hides his inner self behind a mask of comedy. The movie ends on a disappointing yet so satisfying note with the fox family needing to live in a hole the rest of their life which is exactly what they didn’t want to do but they seem happy. This shows us this idea that a failure isn’t always how it ends. You can end up failing your objective but still be happy with everything around you. This movie is important, stunningly beautiful, beautifully voice acted, perfectly paced, magnificently scores, and is hidden with some of the most essential lessons for kids into these type of animated movies.