I apologize, I know my rating may seem a little extreme but I’d rather be honest than to try to please my fellow letterboxd friends who have given this film a 5/5.

2 and a half hours for a film isn’t that long, but it actually took me like quadruple that amount to finish. My short attention span, and having to read subtitles while not understanding what was going on all at the same time did not help. 

I understand why some of you may call this a classic, I really do, but sorry to say it’s not a classic for me. It felt too all over the place and if I hadn’t read the plot before I started the film, I would be confused for a while. I don’t mind not having a definite idea about what’s going on in a film while watching it, but I don’t like it when I have absolutely no clue about anything, I am bored out of my mind, I don’t know any of the characters because they weren’t introduced properly, and there are a lot of useless scenes that don’t do the plot any justice. I also felt a little to uncomfortable with some of the misogynistic and sexist parts that kept taking place, and I know it’s an old film but it still annoyed me and I couldn’t focus because of it.

I had high expectations because of reviews of mutuals and the overall score of the film; maybe that’s why this didn’t feel like a classic because I was setting the bar too high. Either way, i appreciated the opening scenes, they were in fact very well made and just spectacular. Actually I liked them so much that it felt it just went downhill after that…

I’ve had a few unfollows in the past when I rate a highly rated film lower than most people so I’ll be glad if I can just be honest about my thoughts without anyone judging me or spreading hate under my account. Maybe no one will even care but either way I respect everyone’s opinion and taste, it’s was just not for me I guess.

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