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This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

This review may contain spoilers.

when i first watched this i really hoped wes was the killer because i <3 dylan minette and that would be iconic + his name is wes LIKE WES CRAVEN and they didn’t have the guts (lol) to make him the killer? pls.

now that i rewatched it (i’m a scream stan 4 life i can’t help it), i saw waaaay more flaws than i did before; probably because i knew who was going to die and who the killer was.
i am kind of disappointed by the killers ngl. i feel it’s too cliché for the boyfriend to be one of the killers (which is mentioned in the movie i know but still), plus their motivation for killing people were just not that great and it’s been used before in the scream franchise. 
I AM ANALYZING THIS BECAUSE I FUCKING LOVE SCREAM (the original not this pls get ahold of yourself).
anyway, continuing, the role of samantha was given to someone so fucking bland and someone who SUCKS at acting. literally the only good scene of her was when she was stabbing richie. and that brings me to my second point; it literally would’ve been so iconic if samantha were the killer that teamed up with amber (because she lives in stu’s
house) or wes (because his name is wes duhhh and it’s dylan so i want him to be the killer neeeext). i mean the daughter of billy loomis would’ve been way more iconic if she was actually a killer. now, i know that would’ve been predictable because we find out she’s his daughter, BUT if we found out at the end when she was revealed as the killer, that would be FUCKING ICONIC. but maybe my spur of the moment thinking doesn’t make sense. idk. ya’ll think what u want but jenna ortega slayed and melissa berrera flopped. her crying looked like she was trying to take a shit while being constipated!!!.:!/! 
PLUS how did amber kill dewey????? she’s a fucking minion compared and looking back at that scene it was someone as big as dewey. ya’ll are tripping for real… and why was the hospital empty? it’s a fucking hospital what
OKAY ONE LAST THING, they talked about psycho before wes got stabbed but it would’ve been way more iconic and a better tribute to horror films if it actually did happen in the shower, instead of another “surprise” attack from the back.

i was really hyped for this when it came out and i liked it more when i first watched it but honestly this is probably my least favorite scream movie now.
and, i get the requel concept, i really do. but i feel like they’re ruining the original scream’s name and worth by also calling this scream. just fucking call it scream 5 so people can know how trash this is.

however, here are some plus sides i did like about the movie:
-the representations of different minorities.
-tara mentioning hereditary and jordan peele.
-having amber die while set on fire (the ones that get it, get it)
-having gale defend sidney against sam!1!1!
-continuing the legacy of randy (may he rest in peace).
-AND A CAMEO FROM BILLY LOOMIS HIMSELF (which looked cheesy at times but i can’t help but blush he’s too hot).

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