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  • Doctor Sleep

    Doctor Sleep


    It’s both terrifying and daunting to elaborate on a film that is a literal icon of dread. Stepping into the shoes once held by Stanley Kubrick is near impossible. But Mike Flanagan has been on a roll by making films that elicit the neo horror genre without falling into a black hole of meaningless jump scares. What made THE SHINING terrifying was the atmospheric tension of a man slowly falling into madness.

    DOCTOR SLEEP doesn't try to match that terror.…

  • Seven Days in May

    Seven Days in May


    It was honestly hard to watch this in an election year. It made you pine over the good ol' political days when you simply lived in fear of a nuclear holocaust.

    Watched exclusively for REST IN PICTURES

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  • Goya's Ghosts

    Goya's Ghosts


    Producer: So, you want Javier Bardem and Randy Quaid in your film?

    Forman: Yes!

    Producer: Okay. And Javier will be the King of Spain?

    Forman: No. I want Randy as the King.

    Producer: But, I just d...

    Forman: (*interrupts) I directed AMADEUS

    Producer: Ok. Ok. And you want Natalie Portman. As the mother or the daughter?

    Forman: Yes.

    Producer: Yes?

    Forman: Yes. I saw ATTACK OF THE CLONES. I want her to be a clone.

    Producer: Ok. I'm putting my…

  • The Driller Killer

    The Driller Killer


    It's confirmed in the first 5 minutes of the movie that the drill within the killer's household is a corded electric drill. Therefore I find the remaining 91 minutes invalid.