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  • Excalibur



    "I was not born to live a man's life... but to be the stuff of future memory. The fellowship was a brief beginning... a fair time that cannot be forgotten. And because it will not be forgotten... that fair time may come again. Now once more I must ride with my knights... to defend what was... and the dream of what could be."

    The Land, the People, and the King are one; and, eventually, the Unconscious and the Rational will converge and strike balance once more. The Dream - truth, harmony and the natural order- will return and live again. PURE LOGOS PROPAGANDA.

  • The Exorcist

    The Exorcist


    "I think the point is to make us despair. To see ourselves as... animal and ugly. To make us reject the possibility that God could love us."

    Resisting evil is a full-time job. I didn't "get" it at age 21; I fully understand that now, closing in on 25.

    When rationalism, secularism, cosmopolitanism, scientism, materialism, skepticism, individualism -and all else in between- fail, who you gonna call?

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  • Power of the Press

    Power of the Press

    "I'm going to ask you, is this constructive criticism? <<Churchill schemed and stalled until they dragged us into England's war.>>"

    Answer: yes, movie, yes - it is the very definition of sober criticism!

    Faux-Capra (emphasis on the faux), faux-populist b-movie embarrassment, penned by Samuel Fuller as a wartime treatise on "the Freedom of the Press and the Power of the Press" (they repeat this asinine line 5 or 10 times). The kind of film made by the same class of…

  • Three Kings

    Three Kings

    Clinton-era neo-liberal propaganda that abuses the Kelly's Heroes heist-during-war template in order to guilt-trip the American people into another round of pointless death and destruction in Iraq... We have to protect them refugees, y'all! From Saddam's totally real nukes, guyz!! By the end (and if it was a satire with balls, they'd do it), I was half-expecting Nespresso Clooney to meet up with Alex Soros, snort cocaine and discuss the future of the Open Society Foundation.

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  • Spider-Man: Far from Home

    Spider-Man: Far from Home

    Almost the vulgar antithesis of John Carpenter's They Live: don't believe what your eyes can clearly observe around you, believe only what we want you to believe. On the text, it's a shallow Iron Man Jr. pseudo-adventure with teeny bopper drama, cheap dollar-store humor and over-lit and weightless digital action. In other words, it's every blockbuster coming out this summer. Everything is a joke in this movie. Character development and maturation? Joke. Couples getting together? Joke. Cities destroyed? Joke. Only…

  • Captain Marvel

    Captain Marvel

    "... and introducing David Jude Heyworth Law as The Supreme Patriarchy"

    A cheap-looking and incoherent episode of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (essentially the poor man's version of that episode where Lady Sif shows up) gets intergalactic-ally spliced together with the origin story of a feminist power fantasy (it's all about power, guys and gals!), as well as a thinly-veiled Skrull allegory about... open borders. Corporate moral relativism at its finest.

    Brie Larson (with her Valley Girl accent) doesn't even register an…