Total Recall

Total Recall ★★★★½

"No matter where you go, there you are. It's always the same old you! Let me suggest that you take a vacation from yourself."

Underneath the Flying Dutchman's trollmeister assault on Hollywood sensibilities and the Austrian Oak's once-in-a-generation uproarious screen persona, you can still sense the feverish schizoid embolism that came to characterize Philip Kindred (what a peculiar middle name) Dick's distinctive existential philosophy.

"Through his studies in philosophy, he believed that existence is based on internal human perception, which does not necessarily correspond to external reality.

He described himself as "an acosmic panentheist", which he explained as meaning that "I don't believe that the universe exists. I believe that the only thing that exists is God and he is more than the universe. The universe is an extension of God into space and time. That's the premise I start from in my work, that so-called "reality" is a mass delusion that we've all been required to believe for reasons totally obscure".

After reading the works of Plato and pondering the possibilities of metaphysical realms, he came to the conclusion that, in a certain sense, the world is not entirely real and there is no way to confirm whether it is truly there. This question from his early studies persisted as a theme in many of his novels."

Mars is nothing but a state of mind, ergo we shall always have Mars.

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