Scream ★★★★★

The ultimate game-changing defining horror film of the 90s and still just as innovating as ever. Scream, to me, has personally always been not just one of my favorite slasher films of all time, but also one of my favorite horror films ever along with that as it radically redefined what horror was when it came out by deconstructing what the genre was about as more and more people lost genuine faith with the well-worn genre.

In light of this, Wes Craven comes in to strikingly save the horror genre once more, and fundamentally made Scream to guide others to get back the profound feeling of what horror once was. While Wes Craven wisely put his meta-layer to use on the Nightmare on Elm Street franchise with his New Nightmare film two years prior to this, which was done remarkably well might I add, he substantially perfects that regard in here as it naturally made the key characters well aware of the many popular real-world horror films and their notorious tropes, as several of them engage in general conversations about these prevalent horror films as they all live a real-life one altogether with the titular Ghostface killing everyone left and right in the fictional town of Woodsboro, California.

The impressive cast made up of many already settled and thriving actors preceding to this which includes the likes of Campbell, Cox, Arquette, and various more all form and efficiently deliver flawless performances as they all are definitely one of the better casts out there in any horror film distinctively, and needless to say, Campbell's Sidney Prescott is without a doubt among the finest final girls ever in the slasher subgenre.

For the most part, Scream is a truly brilliant and witty horror-comedy that left an immense impact on the horror genre that will forever considerably live on as it has similarly inspired other rich meta-horror films recently with titles like The Cabin in the Woods.

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