Wonder Woman 1984 ★★★½

Wonder Woman 1984 wasn't all that bad in all fairness based on the critically mixed reception that it's been getting lately, and I would say this direct follow-up is certainly very close to being on par with the original, though it doesn't quite get there for me.

The main downsides to the film would definitely be the drawn-out runtime as I did really feel its extensive length for sure, and Kristen Wiig's 'Barbara Minerva/Cheetah' wasn't all that impressive on my part as the 'nobody-turned-supervillain' has been done to death in many other higher-caliber superhero flicks out there.

Even with that at hand, there is a lot to praise here. Gal Gadot, of course, assuredly does an incredible job in the titular role for the fourth time. She performed quite well as one would reasonably expect, and she truly has earned the leading Wonder Woman role by now without question.

Having Chris Pine's character return to this was another strange decision for the film itself, but I think they did a serviceable enough job at naturally bringing him back to this sequel in a somewhat genuine way. Just like in its predecessor, Gadot's and Pine's authentic chemistry carefully keep this going for the most part, and it's always fine to see them together.

Lastly, I dug Pedro Pascal's depiction of 'Maxwell Lord', and his villainous portrayal here was undoubtedly relatively something to behold in this.

Nothing too memorable in the end (just like the original film), however, I did typically enjoy Wonder Woman 1984 on the whole despite its acknowledged faults.

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