La La Land ★★★½

One of the cutest films I've seen in recent years. I know that's a strange way to start this off but it's probably the best word to describe it as a whole. Was it enjoyable? Absolutely. Was it perfect? Eh, it had its moments.

If you want to watch a film that is oozes color and aesthetic in every shot, this is the film for you. Oh my god, my eyes lit up with how much color was played around in this. Everything from the costumes to the lighting was pure magic to me. I seriously was not disappointed with that.

And let's not forget about the aesthetics. Good golly, it really is like an Old Hollywood lover's wet dream, if I'm being quite honest. I was beaming with joy seeing the title cards and that gorgeous end card. Probably the most aesthetically pleasing shot in the whole film was when Mia and Sebastian were at the planetarium, dancing in the stars as they floated up into space. Oh, if Fred Astaire and Ginger Rodgers could see them now!

Before I forget, I do want to mention that I adored Ryan and Emma in their roles. It's amazing to see how far Emma Stone has come with her career as I still remember her in Superbad and believe that Easy A is the pinnacle of her career. The sky is the limit for her at this point. Ryan Gosling took me by surprise here, for some of his roles are a bit hit and miss. I think what makes the pairing work in this is their prior working history and how it comes so naturally for them. You can fake that in a film like this.

Now, what didn't I like? I feel as though I'm going to get my ass kicked for this but, I think my biggest gripe with this was...the singing. Maybe I was expecting a little more from it and it felt so underwhelming. Ryan was a surprisingly pretty good as a singer and I enjoyed hearing him sing "City of Stars." It really is a lovely song and can see what the hype is all about it. However, Emma didn't quite do it for me. To me, I was almost annoyed with her singing and rolled my eyes when she started singing with Ryan. Even my mom was like, is she done yet?

Then there's the story. You strip away all the aesthetics and the colors and all you have left is a simple but sometimes bland love story. Almost a bit of a cliché if you ask me. Which leads me to wonder, if all the glitz of Los Angeles didn't play such a big role in this film, would it have been the success that this film is today?

If you love aesthetics, colors, and really pretty things, La La Land is right up your alley. It's a really cute film I'd see again if I ever needed a little brightness in my day.

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