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  • Walter Defends Sarajevo

    Walter Defends Sarajevo


    In the style of a true action hero, Valter is doing the right things at the right times, staying ahead of the enemy. A superhuman. Remembered fondly, he’s the greatest partisan there was—a force working for Sarajevo, and the city’s conscious resistance against Nazi occupation. In Czechoslovak cinema and the romantic Polish cinema, partisans are never so clean cut in their conscious. I can’t say I 100% enjoy that, but it was a great action film, and I’ll never say no to seeing Nazis get what’s coming to ‘em.

  • The Creatures

    The Creatures


    One of the weirder Jumanji prequels.

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  • This Is How the World Ends

    This Is How the World Ends


    my best friend is having sex with my mom, time to go blast radiohead in a green vw beetle

  • Malina



    "No one can be everything to someone."
    "That's just it. No one was ever everything to me. That's what's so sad."

    Probably one of the most audacious adaptations I've ever seen. It gives me the feeling of being way out of my depth, like I just saw something I shouldn't have at all. A mistake, but a miracle, that I chose to watch this today. Fragmented identity coupled with a well of trauma, a writer so enveloped in the complexity…