Waiting for "Superman"

Waiting for "Superman" ★★

Surprising lack of substance for such a long documentary. Tugs on the heartstrings but doesn’t offer much of thought past “charter schools are the solution”, which fails to recognize other outside factors.

Thought the first half was interesting talking about the system of education and the teachers unions. After this it turned into a pro charter documentary, not reflecting the reality that these options don’t exist for many people. It’s like telling people to be healthier while not acknowledging the high cost of healthy foods or the realities of food deserts. 

I really dislike these heavy-handed, strong agenda type documentaries that start interestingly enough with thought provoking questions and then presume to know all the answers as you understand their real point. I’ve seen this a lot with vegan documentaries and it’s a shitty way to just invalidate any opposing opinions. 

But hey, at least I got the stress of watching students get in the lottery. And an animation of teachers pouring cartons of alphabet soup into their students’ heads that I didnt need to see at all.