The Kid Brother

The Kid Brother ★★★★★

Somehow, this is the second silent comedy I’ve seen where a monkey in human clothing plays a major part in the story progression towards the ending. This film is neck and neck with Girl Shy, I think this one is a tad bit funnier, but the romantic element of the two films is done better in Girl Shy. Harold Lloyd and Jobyna Ralston are such an adorable pair, every ounce of screen time they got together was wonderful, there’s a scene where Ralston is walking away down a hill and Lloyd climbs up a large tree in order to say goodbye to her multiple times, such a lovely moment. As with nearly every silent comedy I’ve seen, the final 30 minutes are a pure thrill, the circumstances present here made this film’s final act especially rousing. It’s incredible to think that I’d never seen a Harold Lloyd film before two weeks ago and now he’s already become one of my all-time favorite comedians, and he’s yet to let me down. All five films I’ve seen from him have been 4-5 star worthy comedic gems!

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