Arctic Dogs ½

There’s a lot to like with the Woodley/Vrysellas dual directorial experience, “Arctic Dogs.” Swifty’s journey as a hero, or better known in the film as a “Big Dog”, extends past his obvious objective of physically becoming one and tackles the taboo that is breaking the toxic corporate monotony to follow one’s inner passion. Swifty embodies truth, Swifty embodies passion, and most fluidly, Swifty embodies humanity. The filmmakers break down the traditional conventions of live action animation and provide a visceral tour de cinema, undoubtedly topping the works of everyone from Laloux to Lasseter. This film is so close to perfection, but lacks the essential essence that comes with live action films. So in the scope of animation and all its landmarks, yes, this film lands at the top of its predecessors. Go see Arctic Dogs.

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