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  • Western



    Germany has not just lingered at the intersection of the East and West, it has properly experienced being both. Dealing with the past like that is something that we Germans have been obsessed with ever since, and it has shaped our cinematic landscape like nothing else, resulting in an endless stream of films about the war, its aftermath and the separation. The recent films seem to indicate a newly-found understanding though, that we learn most about ourselves in communication with…

  • A Ghost Story

    A Ghost Story


    Who is going to turn up at our funeral? What are they going to remember? What are we leaving behind when we die? Questions everybody has asked themselves before, I assume. But who are we to claim significance over the 100 billion other people that have lived on this planet so far?

    The idea of having something to be remembered for by the people we cared about, and the future generations is an essential motivator of leading what they call…