GoodFellas ★★★★★


When I say this film is perfect I mean it. It has held up as my favourite film since I was 13 years old, I’ve seen somewhere around 500 or more films now in my life and I can still say this is the best film I’ve seen.

I love Martin Scorsese, all of his films are brilliant but Goodfellas is the best, the cinematography is beautiful (of course the tracking shots), the story is incredibly compelling with truely interesting character development and decisions that have consequences but most of all it’s so great because it’s all true. The soundtrack is amazing, I love how Scorsese uses 1960s to 80s pop music to cushion and stylise violence but also to tell the story, in the first act romanticising the mafia life with 50s-60s pop and slowly becoming more rock n roll as the life deteriorates. The color palette is perfect, burgundy, brow, red and orange all connote the traditional mafia. Performances all around are amazing especially Joe Pesci (Funny How?).

Finally the thing I love the most is the realism. I don’t see Goodfellas as a crime drama but a social realist film about the 1960s to 80s. The depiction of the Mafia in the film is the most accurate representation ever put to cinema, better than The Godfather series, Tommy is an unhinged psycho and every scene with him has you on the edge of your seat wandering what his next move is, this feeling is almost present throughout the whole film and is what Henry Hill felt like in the mafia. 

The Mafia isn’t a glamorous way of illegally making big money it’s a group of murderous psychopaths trying to justify their work by making a living from it, and that’s what Goodfellas succeeds at showing.

Cinema Perfection.

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