Magic Mike ★★★★½

Enjoyed more on rewatch, and some of the original review complaints are eased by the general enjoyment of the film, some nuance that surfaces more now that I'm less distracted and/or impatiently waiting for the next sequence of flash/flesh/humor. Also saw it on a better screen which enhanced the experience.


Original review (4/5):
A lot of fun wrapped up in an art film package, this ain't Coyote Ugly, but it ain't the flipside of The Girlfriend Experience either.

At any rate I actually have very little to say about it. The story is pretty generic but loose enough to not be so obvious, it follows a rise/fall structure, where they give you all the hints about the upcoming 'fall' scenes, but ends before the fall. This made the ending feel abrupt, not exactly cheated but that it was at least missing a key scene to fill in for all we're not going to see. Too much was made of some other characters to leave them where they are.

However the treat of the film isn't the story, it's all about watching Tatum continuing his hot streak and watching him absolutely deliver at working that stage. It's about watching Matthew McConaughey steal every scene he's in. It's about the little goofy things like how Kevin Nash can't seem to do anything and seeing Cody whatsherface, who is a movie executive's daughter, continue her reign of terror awkwardly inserting her strong jaw and open mouth into any film or TV property who will have her. It's about Soderbergh's great sense of music and jazzy humor beats. It's a Soderbergh film through and through. You can go see it. If you're an uptight dude, don't let the beefcake intimidate you, make you feel like you have to apologize to friends later for actively choosing to watch Tatum running around in a thong. It's a good movie, and you should see it.