No ★★★★★

It's lunacy that this did not beat Amour.

NO is about the advertising committee behind the "NO" side of a referendum determining Pinochet's grip on power in Chile. In a year with Lincoln and Argo this fits right in and is probably better than both of them, involving both the importance of entertainment in politics as well as the groundwork to get an underdog campaign working. Bernal is fantastic in this film and it may be the best film I've seen him in to date.

One thing that may put a few people off and that admittedly confused me at first is the film looks like absolute crap. It's by design though and turns out to be one of it's greatest strengths. In full screen ratio and looking like it was shot on VHS in 1988, it puts you completely into the era, and brings an absorbing authenticity to the film that makes it fit in so well with archive footage and makes you believe you are watching the real people behind this story play out the events.

I was surprised at how naturally funny NO was as well, extremely well timed and written without feeling written. I couldn't recommend this one enough. Would've been in my top ten of 2012.