What If ★★★★★


ADORED. With the Fubar films, It's All Gone Pete Tong and Goon under his belt (I'll pretend his other one doesn't exist) Michael Dowse continues to impress with this hilarious rom-com, reminiscent of When Harry Met Sally, which observes conventions but punishes characters when they approach cliches. An even better love letter to Toronto than Scott Pilgrim (though nobody says "Toronno" as they should, and they run into Lake Ontario which NOBODY here would do), everyone here has their time to shine, but perhaps none more than Girls' Adam Driver, who sets a new standard for how funny the best friend role can be. He has the line of the festival if not the year. You'll know it when you see it.

Every Torontonian needs to see this movie, but beyond the local flavor this has mass appeal to anyone who loves to a well thought out rom-com. Radcliffe and Kazan have undeniable chemistry and the writing is fantastic. See it when it hits theaters near Valentines Day.

PS - Bechdel test pass.

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