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  • War Machine

    War Machine


    Good idea:
    Over-the-top SNL skit soldier voice in an over-the-top WWII reimaginging.

    Bad idea:
    Over-the-top SNL skit soldier voice in a boring half-assed satire laden with serious "Narcos" style narration.

  • Alien: Covenant

    Alien: Covenant


    considered minus one half star for making me consider filing Prometheus with the others in the "A"s on my shelf when I buy this on blu-ray.

  • Snatched



    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    Jonathan Levine's track record, to me, is still strong. I went into this not believing the critical hate on this, figuring it had mostly everything to do with how very swiftly (even faster than Dane Cook, Tom Green and Pauly Shore) everyone has turned on Amy Schumer. I mean, people HAAAAAAAAATE her.

    And that's mostly it.

    But I think it's the tapeworm. Let's talk about the tapeworm.

    So on its own, I love the tapeworm scene. It's bizarre. People in…

  • Ricki and the Flash

    Ricki and the Flash


    While the end gets to the feel good moment it needed, as a whole this needed a bit of a harder edge. Pretty safe.

  • Satan Lives

    Satan Lives


    After numerous strong music documentaries, Dunn/McFadyen stumble with a surprisingly boring doc about Satan.

  • Sully



    anti-goose propaganda

  • Denial



    Pretty straightforward. Performances make up for what is a bit of an anticlimax for courtroom dramas.

  • They Came Together

    They Came Together


    I can log that again.

  • The Visit

    The Visit


    Not quite thrilled with the presentation of the final fights, and tbh, it's a tad predictable twist-wise, but I am one of those who is big on Shyamalan when he's on his game, and for the most part, this is.

  • Mindhorn



    aims for Alan Partridge comedy territory but is only mildly successful. on Netflix.

  • Get Me Roger Stone

    Get Me Roger Stone


    The scariest documentary since The Nightmare.

  • FernGully: The Last Rainforest

    FernGully: The Last Rainforest


    stay through the credits for Dongporn Krankraw.