Color Out of Space

Color Out of Space ★★

This was just frustrating to watch. It starts out with wayyyyy too much exposition to begin. Then once exposition is over, it just gets annoying. Honestly, I really get that its influencing their decision making but thats not a good enough excuse to just have dumb shit constantly happening. Maybe if it were executed better, with a good pace, good editing, good fucking lighting, and just, the feeling that they tried. Sure, some effects are cool, but most are pretty pathetic compared to thr staggering tower of effects in the Thing; which it keep referencing. The Thing tells its story with all these really creative ways to show the creature, but in this they just don't. They dont have the creativity and resources to make it feel like I'm actually engaged with what is happening. They just couldn't do anything to make the effects more dynamic and thats ultimately what makes this so boring.