Possessor ★★

Maybe I should have waited till I could have subtitles, because all of the performances are mumbled and dont know why. It had some cool effects and Christopher Abbot always gives a great performance, by virtue of his powerful physical pressence. The same goes for Andrea Risenborough who also excells at being screen pressence through her physical performances. Other than that, I really didnt like anything. Its production is fine all around, its well shot, creatively lit and directed, etc. What it doesnt nail is the writing. Pacing-wise, the first thirty minutes gives you nothing to attach to or care about, and this mostly persists throughout the film. Only when Chris Abbot realizes whats up, is the story interesting or properly exploiting the annoying premise. Its a cool movie to look at but really offers nothing to grab onto, leaving a seriously pointless experience you will likely forget about quickly.