The Rental

The Rental ★★

Really confusing experience all together. It has a nice build up, the lighting is really nice, and it sets up its drama well, but that third act deflates tension like no other and this is ultimately what makes this film weak.

The whole set up was totally irrelevant to where we ended up, it just left me wondering why all this character work was done. They spend the first hour building drama through character but then suddenly that drama has no relevance because of a genre shift.

And I think the use of genre is the root of the issue here. Spoilery talk I guess... It just doesn't make sense to set up interpersonal conflict as the heart of the film then suddenly kill these characters off. You can literally see all the investment you had get killed off one by one and I dont think thats the point of the movie.

Theres some failings in other places for sure, but this choice to make a horror (I guess slasher) film out of a domestic drama is what led this film down the wrong path. Is it trying to be like a neo-slasher? Because it doesn't feel like a subversion or anything. The ending just feels flat. I dont think the resolution of the antagonist and the surveillance is all that clever, so what was the goal here?

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