• The Holdovers

    The Holdovers


    Really, extremely enjoyable. Loved what the film was going for even if the audio and the way it was shot weren't quite right in terms of recreating the 19070s indie style. It serves the story so well in creating a uniquely cohesive movie I feel like most people can enjoy. It kind of went by in a flash so I need to give this a rewatch to really dig in but it was a great watch for sure.

  • Priscilla



    This feels like a pretty goddamn strong return to form for Coppola. While I loved the Beguiled, this still stands out as really hitting on those themes established in hee early work. I can think of few filmmakers who so evocatively capture the experience of being a woman in a domesticated environment. Its something I can never understand but her films definitely impress a lot of emotion regarding isolation, boredom, sexism, and just that general feeling that you're invisible. At…

  • Rustin



    Very ineffectively written and directed. Nothing about this was done particularly well or made me care to keep watching in the slightest. Its like the movie started and it flashed by my eyes. Only thing I didn't see coming was that I would dislike Colman Domingo's performance as much as I did.

  • The Old Oak

    The Old Oak


    I admire Ken Loach for the way he has handled his past three movies. They are all extremely moving pieces of social realism which stand among the most moving from the genre. His points are always made extremely clear and yet never come off as pandering. He isn't making movies complex movies because his goals are extremely simple. All he need do is direct a scene with a sense of simplicity and directness which cannot be misinterpreted. This is extremely…

  • Red Rooms

    Red Rooms


    PSA: Don't sleep on this.

    This is such a strong character study done with an extremely patient and we'll thought out style. Go in as blind as you can and give the film some time to build. Once it hits, it hits. Definitely a lot to take in and it seems like this is one to rewatch.

  • Anatomy of a Fall

    Anatomy of a Fall


    Been sitting on this for a couple weeks, and while its very well done across the board, I was still a little taken out by the theatrical nature of the trial. The prosecution is just over the top and it's clear that is probably why its not Frances sumission to the Oscars. I still probably prefer Taste of Things (don't love the new title) but I understand how this is probably a better choice.

  • The Killer

    The Killer


    One need only look at the poster with a slight knowledge of film history to get that Fincher, like Von Trier in the House that Jack Built, is talking about more than what is on the surface. Some part of precise nature to the Killer is an examination of how Fincher perceives himself as a director. This is definitely not as self reflexive as the Von Trier film, but one can't ignore the Fincher self insert in Michael Fassbender and…

  • Shoot the Piano Player

    Shoot the Piano Player


    I have a few blindspots and French New Wave is one of them. I've seen maybe 10 proper FNW films and the lgiht-hearted tones these films seemed to go for just don't do it for me. I liked a lot of the camerawork but besides that, the filmmaking and story didn't feel too adventurous. Truffaut might just not be my guy (having only seen two of his films).

  • Five Nights at Freddy's

    Five Nights at Freddy's


    Kind of not surprised this pretty not great, so I guess I'm not upset. That being said, I totally forgot I watched this until a coworker brought it up. Could have been a million times worse I'm sure so it just being not good across the board is fine.

  • The Royal Hotel

    The Royal Hotel


    I asbolutely love the Assistant and while this is definirely a strong film from Green, I can't help but feel like the movie lacked focus. It doesn't quite nail blending all the scenes together. Lots of scenes drag or feel repetitive, which is partly due to the visuals being slightly bland compared to the Assistant. While this is narrative and Casting Jon Benet is a doc, the cinematography felt kinda flat like that film. Still this is much better than…

  • V/H/S/85



    I have many thoughts on each of these but as a whole, definitely a weaker entry. Nothing much really grabbed me and I was pretty anmoyed with how most of them lacked conslusions that felt satisfying, while still being the longest film in the series.

    No wake 4/10
    God of Death 3/10

    TKNOGD 5/10
    Ambrosia 6/10
    Dreamkill 6/10
    Total Copy 6/10

  • Santa Sangre

    Santa Sangre


    Even if Holy Mountain is Jodorowsky's best, theres something about this film that hits on a very emotional level. I love this film very much and there are still tons of ideas and scenes that I have no concrete understabding of.