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  • Knives Out

    Knives Out


    "Because fuck my family". I live for quotes like this. This reminded me of Fasten in the best possible way.

    This was way better than I was expecting and I don't know why my expectations were so low. I really like Brick, Looper certainly isn't bad and Rian is hot off of being the patsy for Disney so he's earned some favors.

    The structure is pretty clean and the story is doled out at such a good pace. I get…

  • Julien Donkey-Boy

    Julien Donkey-Boy


    Initially I took issue with Korine's complete lack of care for the dogma rules, but as I've watched it a few more times this hasn't really been an issue. He definitely gets like a C- at following the rules because he just makes a Korine movie. If this wasn't a Dogme movie, it'd look pretty much the same.

    This is Korine at his most depressing and painfully human. People critique Korine for exploitation but I just don't feel that way.…

  • Don't F**k with Cats: Hunting an Internet Killer

    Don't F**k with Cats: Hunting an Internet Killer


    Don't believe the clickbait articles that say this is like the most disturbing thing ever. It's dealing with very disturbing events but I don't think the documentary really presents the film in a way that digs into you. I recently watched Suicide Landscapes and while I didn't love it, the artistry utilized in getting under your skin is so interesting. This doc doesn't do that. I feel it mostoy appeals to anger and self-rigteous feelings of seeing justice. The doc…

  • Waves



    I wish I had this movie in High School, it really feels like it would have connected with my angsty ass more than it did now. This is definitely the type of movie that connects with you and if it doesn't, I could imagine this being kind of annoying. Thankfully, in my case the film really resonanted with me. I love Schultz' two films he's made thus far, and after the realitively conventional style of It Comes at Night I…

  • Uncut Gems

    Uncut Gems


    While this was awesome and so watchable, I was kind of bummed I didn't get that kick of anxiety everyone was talking about. My roommates did and were throughly frustrated by the characters constantly talking over each other, but it just didn't do it for me. I need to see this again but I can ddfinitely say the Safdie's are gonna go far. This is a more digestible and accessible film than Heaven Knows What and Good Time and hope…

  • Coherence



    Really tough revisiting this after years. Loved this so much as a teenager, one of my favorites from when I was like 15. The concept is really cool and actually feel like the writing is pretty good. Characters have character and their characters interesting and service the narrative just fine. I wish their struggles were more related on a themeatic level to all the conceptual stuff brings in. The permanence of our actions is such an jnteresting theme and it…

  • Doctor Sleep

    Doctor Sleep


    Well, I went in ready to tear my hair out and that didn't happen so I guess I'm pleasantly surprised. The second act and its focus on the world it established was the closest this movie got to being an engaging film and even then, ehhhh. So the fact that this is a sequel to the shining - Kubrick's Shining - and not an adaptation of the novel, is the biggest misstep. This film has none of the tone, atmosphere,…

  • The Conversation

    The Conversation


    The biggest issue I had with this film on first watch, was not being able to identify with the main character. I never got that hook that engaged with the series of events. This time, I was still distant but much more with the film. The score is incredible and used so well. Sonically speaking, this is an absolute masterpiece of sound design. I really felt the paranoia and distrust so much more. Still think I may prefer the loneliness…

  • Ad Astra

    Ad Astra


    Really didn't enjoy this movie. It was so blantantly stuck between the spectacle of something lime Gravity, and the reflective loneliness of Solaris. Brad Pitt constantly moans about his dad but I never got any understanding of what he was feeling. Ruth Negga is brought in for liks twenty of the most annoying minutes of this contrived film. The look and general world that was created was interesting, but the story was just so insistent on being there, it just overshadows the story being told in the background. Cool to look at, annoying to think about.

  • El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie

    El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie


    Satisfying and generally well-made, this film surprised me with its focus on such a small time. It was thoroughly creative and shot well, the biggest issue is it didn't feel like Breaking Bad. The digital images in this film don't match the rough and gritty film images show captured. Nothing mind blowing but satisfying and logical conclusion to Jessie's arc.

  • After Last Season

    After Last Season


    What? Everything is so ridiculously horrible in every way that I have almost convinced myself its supposed to be some representation of what it feels like to dream, then I realized perhaps it was meant to make me feel what its like to be schizophrenic or paranoid. Then I realized its probably a money laundering scheme. All of these are legitimate and that scares me. I dont know if I could rewatch this. Maybe if I saw it in 35mm on a tab of acid lol.

  • Nashville



    Really wished I liked this more than I did. Off the bat, my roommates were kind of distracting me for the entire three hours so maybe that plays into my enjoyment. It sure played into not being able to keep track of who was who. So overall a bad film viewing experience. It seemed super well shot and acted, I can really see where pta gets a lot of his instincts. What killed the experience for me was just how…