Nick has written 17 reviews for films rated ★★★ during 2019.

  • Nashville



    Really wished I liked this more than I did. Off the bat, my roommates were kind of distracting me for the entire three hours so maybe that plays into my enjoyment. It sure played into not being able to keep track of who was who. So overall a bad film viewing experience. It seemed super well shot and acted, I can really see where pta gets a lot of his instincts. What killed the experience for me was just how…

  • Bobby



    My professor says this movie broke box office records, why are there so little ratings? Why did I struggle to find this on IMDb? Just a weird thing.

    I think I may come around on Masala films, I’ve only seen two and surprisingly I’ve enjoyed both. Despite their runtimes, simplistic stories, motivations and themes, the films are enjoyable and well made. Kapoor clearly knows what he’s making and the actors do as well. Can’t say I’ll watch it a lot but I smiled, so can it be so bad?

  • The Nightingale

    The Nightingale


    Here’s the thing, the great performances, awesome cinematography, subtly affective sound design and just overall good presentation, doesn’t change the fact that it’s just another revenge movie. I’ve seen people be mad about Kent (a white woman) making a film about racism and the alAboriginal experience, but I really didn’t care about that. I cared about the mistreatment of revenge in the narrative. Maybe you disagree, but if you commit violence in the name of vengeance, you are just as…

  • Ordinary People

    Ordinary People


    Perhaps I was in the wrong mood for this film. The performances were great, the writing was excellent, but I didn’t connect. Again, I think I watched this at the wrong time, but I just felt like the theme of trauma was just sort of there. I don’t want to critique theme or story too much, but I was also pretty I engaged with the parents. I feel like I just wanted a little more substance to the cinematography and editing. There was just no punch, leaving only the characters.

  • One Cut of the Dead

    One Cut of the Dead


    Here’s the big issue, while the first part (the film) is charming, it really wasn’t too engaging beyond “wow this is really weird”. So when it turns, the turn just felt too harsh and sudden. I instantly had no grounding within the story. That whole middle section before the film is being made really dragged, because I didn’t care about the characters. It was really only when they started filming and it became clear how creative the filmmaker is, that…

  • Hail Satan?

    Hail Satan?


    It’s fine. Too be honest, feels a bit more like a product made for tv. There’s nothing to the actual filmmaking really makes it feel cinematic in anyway. A ton of documentaries come out every year and so many of them have this issue. They don’t do anything but show the story and it just makes for a boring experience. Another aspect that made me kind of bored was just the lack of music and editing stuff a lot of documentaries put a lot of work into.

  • Dark City

    Dark City


    Feels like a schlocky Lost Highway. I also got some pretty heavy Ronnie Rocky vibes, but that’s not a movie that even exists so that’s whatever. What works is the world stuff, watching and seeing how these weird creatures affect the environment. The overall look of the movie is definitely nice although flat and not as thorough at times. What doesn work is the story. I didn’t care about the protagonist and their journey, especially since at a certain point…

  • Girl 27

    Girl 27


    A movie detailing the events of one of the largest cover ups in Hollywood history, and now twelve years after its release, it appears the same thing happened to this film. Watching this in 2019, there is a sense of tragic irony in the subject matter being mirrored in the reception of this film.

    As a documentary, it’s pretty messy. The director inserts himself too much, you can tell they struggled to find a narrative thread to hold on to,…

  • Waiting for Godot

    Waiting for Godot


    I don’t want to say Godot has no place in cinema, but in my opinion the cut is devistating to what Godot is. To constantly cut close then cut to a wide kind of works against what this play is about. It’s well acted, and I genuinely like the production design, I just think that this belongs on stage until proven otherwise.

  • Destroyer



    This was a very odd, confusing and unconventional take on neo noir. Kidman was pretty good, I really didn’t think she was super fantastic but she was definitely good. The cinematography is good, the director has a really good sense of where to put the camera, how to light the scene for best effect, and how much to move the camera. I guess I was pretty engaged with the movie, but I just felt very disoriented within the narrative. Most…

  • Us



    Well-shot, well-edited and awesome performances. Of course, Lupita was crazy good, but I just got so much personal enjoyment out of Elisabeth Moss and Tim Heidecker. The scene in the middle of the film with them is just so awesome. The only other thing I really loved about this movie was that this felt so much more like a genuine horror film than Get Out. That being said, the bad of this movie was that I really didn’t think this…

  • Upgrade



    There’s a really fun action movie in there, with an incredibly charismatic lead performance and really creative cinematography and editing. The only problem is that movie wasn’t this screenplay. It’s so conventional on the story side of things to the point that, after the inciting incident occurred, I knew the rest of the film beat by beat. The screenplay also seems to have a really hard time getting from set piece to set piece without dragging because if this movie…