Nick has written 14 reviews for films rated ★★★★ during 2020.

  • The Wolf of Snow Hollow

    The Wolf of Snow Hollow


    "I got drunk for the first time when I was fifteen years old and I turned to the kid next to me, I guess, and I said this is what normal people must feel like... I'm not good with anger..." Thank you for this monologue. It really hit and spoke to my experience with drugs.

    Off the bat, I feel like I'm little bias. I loved Thunder Road so much and I just want to see Jim Cummings succeed so…

  • The Devil All the Time

    The Devil All the Time


    Antonio Campos is one of my favorite directors to have emerged revently. His work with the Sinner and as a producer for Borderline Films, has really helped him start to become a real name. From his short film Buy it Now to his most recent feature Christine, his style has really developed beyond the derative formal aspects he seemed hung up on in his early career.

    Both Simon Killer and Christine are top tier stuff, despite not getting the attention…

  • She Dies Tomorrow

    She Dies Tomorrow


    Do yourself a favor and go listen to the director of this film, Amy Seimetz, on the pure cinema podcast. She's great. Everytime I've seen her in a film I've really liked her. Its weird, shes very recognizable so I'm oddly familiar with her. Seeing her direct a movie that seems to be getting attention is really cool. Definitely need watch Sun Don't Shine now.

    More than getting attention though, im glad she made a reallu good movie with such…

  • Umberto D.

    Umberto D.


    I finished college today, and watching this was the first thing I did. Don't think I could have chosen a worse movie to watch when looking to my future employment. Obviously I'm much better off than many and I don't want to sound ungrateful, but the disillusionment is still present.

    The despair and hopelessness of the whole films journey just hits, regardless of being almost 70 years old. The texture of the film and the way its edited, just breathes…

  • Les Misérables

    Les Misérables


    Swoon, I'm a sucker for films (and endings really) that have an active call to action. Let alone one that is so audacious and ambiguous which allows the audience to read the film through how they processed the sequence of events personally.

    Quite honestly, the controversy of the social responsibility of a filmmaker surrounding Joker feels more relevant here. I know Joker is a much larger film, but at no time was I invested in the way social issues were…

  • Woman in the Dunes

    Woman in the Dunes


    Absolutely beautiful. I'm currently reading the novel and I have to the say the novel is a really good companion to the film, or visa-versa. I guess the big question is how do you interpret the allegorical elements of the film? Is it an allegory for post-wwII trauma? Yeah. Is it an allegory for the repition and cyclical nature of life? Sure. Is it about societal expectations surrounding community? Mhmm. Is it about time, memory, and the flimsiness of our identities? I think its all of these, none of them, and yet everything else.

  • Y Tu Mamá También

    Y Tu Mamá También


    Y tu mama Damien

    Surrely the most divisive element to the filmmaking would be the voice over by the unnamed narrator. On one level, I like it as an almost Bela Tarr like fatalistic voice from beyond commenting on those we cross along the way, informing us of their struggles in life. That includes the pigs. On another level, it is rather unrelenting and distracting in how it is just casting its net so wide. It just felt very inconsistent…

  • Never Rarely Sometimes Always

    Never Rarely Sometimes Always


    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    Fucking dope puking. Multiple puke set ups, lesson learned. One burst of puke is absolutely not enough, you need multiple throughout the scene. This is obvious, as puking normally leads to more puking. Awesome execution.

    Love the ( I think 16mm) look of the film. Esspecially starting off with a 50's oriented talent show, it really emphasizes the lengthy history of abortion rights. For a few minutes I genuinely though this was set in the 50's. It communicates the feeling…

  • Love, Antosha

    Love, Antosha


    Absolutely fantastic. This is everything I want from a documentary and that is humanity. I imagine even if you didn't grow up loving film you will deeply identify with some aspect of Anton as a person. For me personally, this movie just hits. Its super well edited and the amlunt of footage really helps. It really is a damn shame.

  • Safe



    I really love the resolution. I think I was expecting something different from what I got. I was expecting something much more conventional about the oppression of women in marriage - which it is certainly about - but it also about a lot more that went right over my head. This shit gets wild and whether I intellectually got it or not, I felt it and thats a good sign on a first watch.

  • They'll Love Me When I'm Dead

    They'll Love Me When I'm Dead


    Super well-made and engaging. Welles as a towering figure of cinema has always loomed over me. Seeing such an intimate and thoughtful analysis of him as a filmmaker was truly amazing. I adore the films focus on how he dealt with issues and the way he would reframe around those issues. Overall super interesting, entertaining, and educational, if not a little repetitive and over-edited at places. I feel inspired to watch a number of his films now. The Trial is an amazing story and I'm upset I've never seen Welles' adaptation.

  • Kramer vs. Kramer

    Kramer vs. Kramer


    Regardless of whether I like Dustin Hoffman - as a person and an actor - he does perhaps the best I've seen from him. His endless rambling in the first half captures his singular focus on work and really establishes his character. Watching him soften and become family oriented in the second act is just such a wonderful experience. Ultimately, thats what makes this film great. It alligns us with Hoffman's character even though he isn't the best person, and…