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  • Melancholia
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  • Run and Kill

  • Diner

  • K-20: The Fiend with Twenty Faces

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  • Run and Kill

    Run and Kill

    I Saw the Devil is more or less a big-budget remake of this movie. A depraved, blackly comic, live-action Itchy & Scratchy skit which starts as an overheard complaint in a bar and escalates to mafia shootouts, torture and child murder. Category III films invented a new type of tonal consistency in their total lack of it. To enjoy one effectively you need CatIII Mindset -- your brain scan has to look like a nebula with a few spots blazing feverishly over-bright and the rest a black void. The only western filmmaker who has CATIII Mindset is Dan Aykroyd.

  • Diner


    Who are the women in the John Wick films who work in the secretarial halls and switchboard rooms of the Continental? Who polishes the brass, mops the floors, cooks the banquet feasts? Are they ever noticed by the all-powerful assassins who breeze through those halls, and if so, what happens? In Mika Ninagawa's Diner you'll find an answer.

    Agency has become a prominent theme the last decade of pop-feminist film criticism, and remains important gristle to chew even as it's…

Popular reviews

  • Friday the 13th Part VI: Jason Lives

    Friday the 13th Part VI: Jason Lives

    This is the spot where a Friday the 13th movie became a "Jason movie" with a defiant shift in tone, from the previous grindhouse exploitation vibe into a supernatural, Universal monster-influenced, comic book Gothic. This is where Jason began to compete with Freddy on his own pop-culture turf.

    The evolution of Jason is more interesting to me than Freddy or Michael Myers precisely because it was an evolution. Unlike Freddy, Myers, Pumpkinhead, Pinhead and so on, Jason Voorhees was not

  • The Angels' Melancholia

    The Angels' Melancholia

    For the Too-Online only: This is a story about a greasy Geico Caveman and a shit-slathered bald mutant who sexually abuse and torment women while retroactively inventing a bunch of cockamamie barstool philosophy to justify their monstrous acts. That's right: it's Roosh and Matt Forney. Welcome to the manosphere.

    There's nothing else like Melancholie der Engel, which I'm kind of glad for. Beautifully lensed in the golden hour for much of its lackadaisical runtime, the meat of this film shoots…