Documenteur ★★★★

Even when the subject matters are anything but, Varda movies are my happy place. I think what it comes down to is this safe space she creates where we can learn both more about our fellow man, and what it means to be human and ergo, ourselves. She holds a mirror up to the tiniest intricacies of life in motion that acts as an education on how to empathise. With others, yes, but also mining strength and resolution from within. And character and heart and love and understanding. A Varda world is one of unwavering affection by way of curiosity for the characters which inhabit these spaces. It just so happens that a Varda world and our own are one and the same. For the short-lived duration of her runtimes, but only if we restrict them as such. If we are learning how best to treat others, surely, the least we can do is afford ourselves the same generosity. To this end, maybe the more open these spaces are about their completely human woes, the more comfort they can instil in a perfectly roundabout way.

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