Jeanne Dielman, 23, Quai du Commerce 1080 Bruxelles

Jeanne Dielman, 23, Quai du Commerce 1080 Bruxelles ★★★★½

Jeez... this was something else. As pretentious as it sounds, this really is more of an ‘experience’ than anything resembling your average film. It’s also somewhat broken my brain, leaving me unable to decode or assess this in any semi-coherent way. Like a lot of great films, it feels like by trying to explain or put this into words, it’s impossible for me to do it any real justice.

I can, however, attempt to list off the things I liked about it, as it’s surely worth the time and effort. I liked how it manages to feel so expansive and comprehensive yet so completely intimate and personal at the same time. I really liked how seemingly simple it is in concept but really, is about so so much. I was really taken by the idea of following an individuals life down to the minute, even ugly details. It’s a bold choice that, while naturally having its duller moments, is effectively stirring and surprisingly watchable (!).

I also loved how it essentially wears you down with it’s repetition and complete meticulousness, eventually leaving you feeling as withered and depleted as our main character. Spending so much time with Jeanne, prescent in almost every frame, we feel ourselves become one with her, making for an all- encompassing, oddly connecting character study that took the wind straight out of my sails.

All in all, this is a fascinating, mesmeric and ultimately strangely numbing experiment like nothing else I’ve ever quite experienced. I’ll be hard pressed to forget it any time soon.

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